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It is with great anticipation and hope that bags of brotherly love will be participating in our first homeless outreach in over a year on April 13th. It is also with great honor that Brandon Elks Lodge is co-sponsoring this event with Bell Shoals Baptist Church along with bags of brotherly love as the host.


This outreach will be a smaller version of the ones we have had in the past; since we are primarily concerned with vendors that can supply specific services for housing, job placement, and medical needs.


As host and co-sponsor, safety is our prime concern.

Therefore, duties will include coordinating the vendors and volunteers, setting up the area that will be socially distanced, temperature checks will be taken, masks will be mandatory for the entire event, and hand sanitizer will be supplied at each station.

We will also be responsible for feeding all homeless and volunteers and coordinating the tables for clean clothing through Northside Mental Health Services.

The goal for this event, as it will be the first one in over a year since the pandemic started, is to help the homeless community that is in desperate need of any services that will bring dignity back into the lives of those less fortunate.


We continue to supply our bags to organizations that provide mental and spiritual assistance to the homeless in Hillsborough County. Over 80 of our bags were distributed in the month of March and we are happy that ENF granted us $4,000 towards this mission.

Our Elk members continue to help with clothing and toiletry donations which we are very grateful for.


Again, please feel free to call us if you need a pick up of items. 


Bags of Brotherly Love
Bob and Elisa Blair


Brandon, Florida Elks Lodge #2383

800 Centennial Lodge Drive

Brandon, Florida 33510

Hillsborough County

Southwest Central District

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